Xbox 360 Headphones – Top 10 Xbox 360 Handsets With Review

Xbox 360 Headphones - Top 10 Xbox 360 Handsets With Review

Xbox 360 Headphones - Top 10 Xbox 360 Handsets With Review

Image Quality

9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • best sound quaility
  • light weight
  • comfortable
  • USB sound cards


  • Expansive

With the xbox 360 headphones, the IT giant Microsoft once again succeeded in making a huge litter, which could excite game fans around the world. Even though it might have taken some time for the market launch, until the console could establish itself.


Many manufacturers have recognized the opportunities in this area and have developed products that can all offer good opportunities. Everything you should know before visiting the specialist portal is the purpose for which you want to use the device.



For example, the version of the xbox 360 headphones plays when you want to play not only undisturbed, but also over the Internet – with other players or callers via the Internet access, which the console also allows – if you wish as a user should. “Wireless” is undoubtedly in, there can be in doubt. The fact that so many people in the meantime trust in an xbox 360 headphones without cables is mainly due to the high convenience.



Today, the device is home to countless apartments all over the world. Constantly there are new games and accessories with which the xbox 360 headphones can be upgraded to a real home entertainment product.



Popular is an xbox 360 headphones. Because the game console can offer you far more than the pure play pleasure. At, the xbox 360 headphones test shows you which models are on the market.


xbox 360 headphones with Bluetooth


Whether you’re using a headset or a xbox 360 headphones, Bluetooth models are more convenient to play. Of course, the xbox 360 headphones also has a Bluetooth interface, via which you can connect a Bluetooth xbox 360 headphones. So you can move freely in the room, without having to take a cable consideration. This freedom is appreciated by all gamers.

In our test you will find really good Bluetooth xbox 360 headphones for the Xbox. The data is wirelessly transmitted over Bluetooth over many meters. The sound quality does not suffer, it is now just as good as in the cable-bound version. Wireless headphones are usually a little more expensive than cable-bound models, but the surcharge can be paid quickly.

If you compare the individual products in our test, you should also pay attention to the battery life. Bluetooth xbox 360 headphones are powered by an integrated rechargeable battery.


Surround sound for the game console

Particularly popular with gamers are surround sound xbox 360 headphones. With these models, several loudspeakers per earphone were installed. This makes you really feel that the sound comes from multiple pages.

Similar to the sound systems, these models are also referred to as 5.1 xbox 360 headphones. When playing, you are almost synonymous acoustic in the middle of the action. In our xbox 360 headphones test you will find some models (for example Razer), which allow a real space-playing experience at your game console. The more complex technology justifies the slightly higher price.


What is the design for the game console?

Most xbox 360 headphones in our test for the game console Xbox are built closed. This means that the auricles surround the ears tightly. Sound waves can not escape to the outside. The ear is acoustically shielded from the outside world, so the listening experience is much more intense.

What is rather problematic in road traffic is of course optimal when playing at home at the console. So you can immerse yourself completely in the action and are not distracted by anything.


Buy xbox 360 headphones

In our  xbox 360 headphones test you will find the best models from famous manufacturers such as Turtle Beach, Lioncast or Razer. About our partner Amazon you can order your preferred model online. We recommend buying from Amazon because the shipping company always offers a very good price. In addition, no shipping costs will be charged for a purchase value of 29 $.

Last but not least, the extended reimbursement law is exemplary. Within 30 days, you can return the xbox 360 headphones if you do not like them. Please note that the shipping conditions apply only to orders via Amazon. Third parties selling their products through the Amazon Marketplace may have different delivery terms.



Buy with Amazon and be thrilled

Likewise, you can avoid a wrong order at our partner Amazon, if you re
ly on our experienced and objective advice for xbox 36

0 headphones! If the selection of the xbox 360 headset has gone wrong then the 30-day return service will benefit you. An exchange is done without problems. In addition, the online store delivers the xbox 360 headphones without shipping costs, if you order goods for a total of 29 $ or more!


What type of headset should you buy?

Analogue headsets:

These use one or more 3.5 mm xbox 360 headphones jacks to transfer audio to and from the headset and are often universally compatible with PCs, consoles and mobile devices. However, the sound quality will depend on your individual device and will not remove the surround sound from the box. Keep in mind that a splitter is needed on PCs with separate microphone and headphone connections. Some headphones will come with one, but not all. Check before you buy and pop one in your basket if you need one.

Digital headsets:

xbox 360 headphones With an integrated digital-to-analog converter (DAC), digital headphones offer cleaner sound, higher volumes, and software integration. USB-connected headphones work on PC / Macs and PlayStation consoles, while optical headphones work with Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and PCs with optical ports are either mounted on the motherboard, internal sound card, or USB sound card.

Wireless Headsets:

xbox 360 headphones With a transmitter that is connected to your PC or console, wireless headphones provide gaming audio. However, they require charging, are often heavier and cost more than their wired counterparts. Check compatibility with your console of choice, as not all wireless headsets support all consoles.

Virtual Surround Audio:

xbox 360 headphones with stereo drivers can recreate multi-position audio with intuitive software to deliver surround sound to your ears. The advantage is that the headphones stays cheaper and lighter than the one with multiple drivers, but the effect is usually less accurate than a “real” surround headset.

‘True’ Surround Audio:

xbox 360 headphones For the most authentic surround sound, you’ll be looking for a headphone with multiple drivers in each ear cup. Each speaker shoots sound from different placements, with the user in the middle of the action. They are often quite expensive, and the additional speakers require a larger and heavier design.


Desirable XBOX 360 Headphones

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX-22

Price : $49.99


The xbox 360 headphones of the Turtle Beach brand are well-known to many gamers, and it is therefore logical that the Top 5 are directly 2 Turtle Beach representatives in the race.
The Force X12 impresses with its first-class sound quality and impresses with powerful basses that lead the player into the game.
The design is indeed taste, but the processing is flawless, and can also score here.
A long connection cable ensures a great freedom of movement but also promotes the cable, but this does not necessarily have to be the case.
The only real flaw on the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 is the auricle upholstery, which is a bit thin, so a long wearing can also make a set warm ears of the one moves the xbox 360 headphones away.


Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22: sound and sound quality

Turtle Beach has been providing its customers with high quality sound for 30 years. Also with this headset PX22 I can only confirm the quality very well. Equipped with 50 mm loudspeakers, which provide excellent sound reproduction with the best sound quality. Due to the tightly fitting auricles, the headphones do not allow any external noise and keep the sound loss to a minimum.

The virtual surround sound works flawlessly. The channels are clearly defined and when playing, the headset ( Turtle Beach PX22 ) shows its strength and proves again how alive the games can be experienced.



All possible effects, explosions or bass heights are transmitted directly and you are drawn into the center of the action. For example, when playing a shooter, you can determine exactly from which side the enemy approaches and can react before the opponent sees you.

The sound quality is really excellent for this price class. All sounds are reproduced completely and without distortion perfectly and balanced. You will experience the sound quality only when you play movies or music, but also especially dynamic games.



Built-in amplifier and control panel allows you to set high and low frequencies, microphone and volume with the scroll wheel. The headset has an incredible amount of options / features that can be set during the game. All this is not quite as easy to use, most headsets have only a volume control on the auricle or as a controller directly into the cable processed. Furthermore, you can connect your mobile phone to the headset and listen directly to the phone conversation without having to remove the handset.

Microphone quality of Turtle Beach PX22

Microphone from Turtle Beach PX22 is made of a thin flexible metal and has a foam cover at the end. The microphone can be easily moved and adjusted to the mouth. Unfortunately, the microphone is not removable. If you’re going to use the headset outdoors, you’re probably going to be looking at you with a headset.

Noise reduction works quite well, whereby headsets of the higher price class does not come up.

Advantages and disadvantages of Turtle Beach PX22

  • Advantages of Turtle Beach PX22 Headset
  • beautiful design
  • very good microphone quality
  • direct and clean sound transmission (stereo)
  • for PS3, PS4, XBOX360, XBOX One, PC, Tablets, PSVITA and MAC
  • fits very well to every head (wear comfort)
  • very good price / performance ratio
  • very generous cable length
  • Controller with various functions
  • an integrated amplifier, with many possibilities for adjustment
  • available in two colors (white and black)

Disadvantages of Turtle Beach PX22 Headset

  • Microphone not detachable
  • Controller too complex and too large
  • Noise reduction must be adjusted


Price:The costs Turtle Beach Ear Force PX-22



The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 is a solid gamer headset. The headset is one of the best in its price class, with a very good performance ratio. Compatibility with other devices make Turtle Beach PX22 a multi-tool among the gamer headsets.

The noise reduction is sometimes spongy, but still for the good gaming as sufficient to look. The sound quality (stereo) is great and the manufacturer attaches a special value to basses, which are transmitted very well when playing with effects.


 Sharkoon X-Tatic True 5.1 Dolby


Price : $79.98

The X-Tatic  is among gamers a very insider tip, which offers for its price range of 50â,¬ all kinds of features.
The super-slim design also allows a long wearing of the xbox 360 headphones, and guarantees a comfortable fit.
Thanks to a sophisticated and stylish design, the X-Tatic can score at first sight.
Also inside the xbox 360 headphones holds what the optics already promises:
The sound is breathtaking and precise, which makes it easy to determine the exact position of the opponent in the player’s environment.
Beautiful and good, but the biggest advantage of the Sharkoon is:
There are no disadvantages!
The xbox 360 headphones is comfortable and can be worn for hours.
The sound is impeccable, and the Microphone works without noise.
The design scores visually, even through the detachable microphone, which proves to be very useful.
From the price performance ratio Top, the Tatic SX is a true insider tip among gamers.

Even though the X-Tatic is a stunning xbox 360 headphones, the Spectrum offers more technology and extra class as part of the features, which is why it is ranked 3rd in our rankings.


The white headset is solid and very stable. A wide, softly padded headband keeps it in the right place. Through the large auricles, the ears are completely enclosed, which keeps outside noise from the outside. The upholstery was very cleanly worked in and also longer prolonged stresses, as well as the movable suspension of the auricle support.

The microphone can be attached to the left pinna with a bayonet closure and dismantled again. Due to the swan-neck-like, metal spiral spring, it maintains every position permanently. Also the cable remote control is easy to reach and offers a volume control as well as a mute switch for the microphone.



Music, video and game – in all three disciplines the listener expects a clean and powerful sound picture. Also the low-frequency range gives itself no nakedness due to the integrated amplifier, which is powered by the USB-Buches. In-game, you can clearly perceive steps and other sounds that can reveal the position of an opponent. One for this price level


The headband is equipped with a very soft padding and dampens the pressure on the scalp excellent. Nevertheless, uncomfortable pressure points can occur after several hours. In this case, only a slight change in the position of the headset will help.

The auricles sit perfectly and do not press even after many hours. Even at higher room temperatures (summer), there is only too little welding, since the covering of the upholstery is made of a synthetic fabric.


Data Sheet

• Gaming stereo headset for the Xbox 360
• Two high-quality 40 mm speakers
• Easy connection via analogue interface (RCA)
• Flexible, detachable microphone
• Microphone connector directly on the Xbox 360 controller (2.5 mm- (Xbox Live)
• Power supply via USB, no additional power supply required
• Built-in amplifier for optimum sound
• Can also be used as a PC- Headset over 3.5 mm jack plug


• Diameter: 40 mm
• Impedance: 32 Ω
• Sensitivity: 118 dB +/- 3 dB at 1 kHz
• Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
• Rated power: 40 mW • Cable length: 370 cm +/- 10 cm
• Connections: 3 x 3.5 mm connectors (white / on volume control: microphone for Xbox 360, green: stereo playback, pink: microphone for PC only), 1x USB (current).


Price:The costs Sharkoon X-Tatic True 5.1 Dolby



Sharkoons X-Tatic headset convinces with its versatile applications and the favorable price compared to the offered sound and speech image. The wearing comfort (headband padding) breaks in after several hours, because pressure points can form. The sufficient cable length is also suitable for use in the living room, provided that the console is not more than three meters away from the user.



SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free



Price : $149.99

The 5XB convinces with the precise and breathtaking sound through the 40mm Sun Dancer Xbox 360 Headphones, which were installed in the headset.
These bring the player right into the game, and open up a completely different player experience.
In addition to the headset, Steel series also provides an audio mixer, which is connected to the controller and ensures that they can decide whether they want to regulate the play sound, or chat.
The only small drawback at the point, the extra weight at the controller, which with large hands possibly takes important clearance.
Steel series has really thought of everything on the 5XB, so the nylon cable was double braided to guarantee extreme durability, so you do not have to worry if the wheelchair again runs over the cable (nevertheless not recommendable).
The microphone can be as usual at Steel series retract, and falls so synonymous as not at all, which is of course practical when there is no need for talk.
Just like the Sharkoon, the great design and the clever design make the headset especially easy to carry.

Because of strict time constraints, we can not have as much in gaming as we’ve used, but that does not mean that we’ve abandoned our search for the best gaming headset on the market (still for the best gaming peripherals in general).


Now, as many of you are aware of for good or bad gaming peripherals have not really gone so far over the past couple of years and the same certainly applies to gaming headsets. Some manufacturers have added new features like RGB lighting, pinna vibration, and compatibility with PCs, consoles, and even Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets, but when it comes to audio quality little (if any) has changed.

The Arctis 7 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Xbox 360 Headphones is currently the second-highest model in the SteelSeries line (only second to its flagship Siberia 840 – Siberia 800 is up to now quite a lot of EOL) and after testing the very good Arctis 3 a during we were back to curious to check the wireless version.

The Arctis 7 uses the same S1 40mm neodymium stereo drivers (frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz with 98dB sensitivity and 32ohm impedance) that are found in the Siberia 840 so that SteelSeries makes it clear from the start that this headset does not have anything from their flagship is jealous, at least when it comes to audio quality.

These drivers also support Xbox 360 Headphones X’s latest technology from DTS (only for the wireless PC connection via the Engine 3 software) that simulates the 3D environment of the audio system’s original mixing stage, yielding results the artist intended. (SteelSeries calls it the ClearCast) and has a frequency response of 100Hz-100KHz with -48dB sensitivity and 2200ohm impedance (strange enough that is used in Arctis 3 has a different frequency response).

Also, thanks to an external 2.4 GHz USB transmitter, the Arctis 7 has a range of up to 12 meters (40 feet), so you do not have to worry about the cable length while using the headset (unfortunately, in contrast to the Siberia 840 it is not Bluetooth compatible).



Price:The costs SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free



SteelSeries has driven the gaming industry by developing innovative new products designed specifically for eSport and passionate players. Here at SteelSeries we are obsessed with “firsts”. Out of 2001, our company was founded to meet the surface needs of hardcore gamers by introducing the first glass mousepad, the Icemat.

Since this original innovation, we have created the first mechanical game keyboard, the first hanging headband for gaming headsets, the first World of Warcraft mouse and endless other innovations. SteelSeries is dedicated to build products that push professional gaming further than anyone has dreamed of. These innovations make gaming more competitive and more fun for gamers everywhere.


Turtle Beach – Ear Force X42




Price : $159.95

In the second place of the best xbox 360 headphones we meet the already presented brand: Turtle Beach.
As mentioned above, the 2nd Turtle Beach Headset is also among the top 5, and makes the other headsets strong competition.
The Ear Force X41 is the only cordless gamer headset in our Top 5, but it also convinces with its 7.1 sound, but you should pay attention to the XBOX that not all games 7.1 support, and so sometimes with 5.1 sound is played.
A clear advantage compared to the other headsets is the freedom of movement, as you can walk through the whole house without grinding the console afterwards.
The X 41 offers a positive feedback on its high wearing comfort from many sides, and can also be worn for several hours without having to interrupt the playing sessions.
A big advantage of the X41 is also, that no cable must be connected to the controller, and thus the remaining technology behind the TV disappears.
The recharge time is around 10-14 hours apiece, which is a really perfect performance, but if you like it still longer, can simply order a second battery pack, and thus always one while the other charges.
All in all, the X41 is a clear purchase recommendation when the budget is right.

Sound Quality

If you’re on a multiplayer shooter, you’ll love the Turtle Beach headset. The basses are powerful and precise, so shots are already damn realistic, we can see from several test reports. In addition, due to the Dolby technology, the location of the opponents is possible. For music and film fans, however, the X42 is less suitable, since the sound orientation is dark. We’ve given 4 out of 5 stars.


Wear comfort and workmanship

The Turtle Beach is not exactly a light weight, which among other things at the batteries lies, but can be well adapted to the head shape and has soft ear pads, the customers in their reviews on Amazon.

Also liked the power consumption, even if the indicated 15 hours running time per battery charge with some of the users were not quite reached. The processing is okay, but the XP42 can not be compared with models of Sennheiser or also Bose, as it is further , We’ve given 4 out of 5 stars.


Scope of delivery and special features

It comes with two batteries, one instruction manual, one sticker, one digital optical cable, one XBOX 360 talk back cable and the transmitter. The special feature of this model is its application possibilities. We’ve given 4 out of 5 stars.

Price-performance ratio

Currently you get the X42 for $159.95 in the online store of Amazon. A good price for a very successful headset. We’ve given 4 out of 5 stars.


Price:The costs Turtle Beach – Ear Force X42



The Xbox 360 Headphones Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 is an interesting headset for all shooter friends, who attach great importance to precise enemy location and hard bass during the gaming. In addition, the seat and the endurance have fallen with the present model. We give 4 out of 5 stars on the basis of customer reviews, reviews and product descriptions.

Tritton Pro+ 5.1



xbox 360 headphones
Price : $190.00

The best Xbox 360 Headphones will probably already be familiar to some players who have viewed the PS3 headset report:

It is the TRITTON Pro+ 5.1 , which has also won the PS3.

Due to its high compatibility, the xbox 360 headphones can be connected to all popular consoles, allowing the owner to enjoy a 7.1 sound experience no matter what situation.
The futuristic design is convincing again here too, and the intelligent channel separation of the sound is a real advantage over others.
An illustrated instruction shows the user the setting of this sound monster, only in English, but also with many pictures, which is thus easily off the stage.
On each side are 4 speakers, which provide for a breathtakingly clear sound, but also to the weight of the xbox 360 headphones.
It does not arise however the situation one has to suffer under a heavy pear.
The 7.1 sound provides the best experience for games and movies, and lets the player merge with the main character.
The TRITTON Pro+ 5.1, has all the features that are featured in the other xbox 360 headphones, and takes them two steps further, thus ensuring outstanding performance in all areas.


The perfect all-rounder package


Sound Quality

The Xbox 360 Headphones itself has a good sound already from the factory, the surround headset allows a relatively precise location of the opponents, we see the ratings on Amazon. In addition, the Tritton scores here with many adjustment possibilities, because to the device itself there is also a decoder box, on which for each channel a fine adjustment can be made.

Also on board is SVM (Selectable Voice Monitoring), a technology that allows you to determine whether you want to listen to your own voice via the headset or not. SVM can be activated / deactivated by pushbutton. We’ve posted 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Wear comfort and workmanship

The Tritton is an extremely comfortable model, which mainly lives by its adjustment possibilities, it says from the buyers. The Pro + can be adjusted very well to the head. Also, spectacle wearers can wear this device very well. The on-ear model has a tadellose processing, users on Amazon had nothing to complain about. We’ve given 4 out of 5 stars.

Scope of delivery and special features

In addition to the Xbox 360 Headphones, you will also find the already mentioned decoder box, the integrated audio controller, the detachable microphone, two Xbox LIVE connection cables, a USB cable, an optical cable, a digital audio adapter and an AC adapter. The special thing about this model is its good sound and its extensive equipment. We’ve posted 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Price-performance ratio

Currently, you get the headset for $190.00 in the online store of Amazon. This is fine, because the Tritton is a very good, if not the currently best Headset for PS3, Xbox 360 and Co. The Pro + can be used by the way also on the PC. We’ve given 4 out of 5 stars.

Price:The costs Tritton Pro+ 5.1



The Pro + is a successful headset, which can not be missing on any PS3 or Xbox 360. The sound is breathtaking, the seat pleasant and the equipment comprehensive. We can say with a clear conscience that everyone interested should strike – and will not regret the purchase.

We give 4 out of 5 stars on the basis of customer reviews, reviews and product descriptions. At Amazon, we currently have 0 (none) customer reviews, which give an average of 0 (not yet) any stars yet.


Turtle Beach PX5



Price : $70.00

Turtle Beach is hardly known on the market. This is a pity, because the PX5 headphones- developed for PS3 and Xbox 360 – is a great piece of hardware.


Now discover the latest bargains at Saturn! and one of the best headphone we’ve ever got in our test lab. The high quality also has its price: The PX5 is about 200 $ to book.

Nevertheless, it is worth it. In the box – next to the headphones – is a base station, which is connected to the PS3 via USB plug. The sound is transported via an optical cable. By the structure of the headphone 7.1 and 5.1 sound are possible.

Headphones and base station are connected wirelessly – ideal because the console is usually a few meters away from the couch. For secure stowing, the base has a metal hook on which you can place the headset. The PX5 headphones require two AA batteries or batteries for operation. The headset contains normal batteries.


The installation is very simple. Because the PX5 works with both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, however, you must proceed differently. A simple, multi-language instruction helps however sufficiently well. The sound of the headphones For the latest accessories at Amazon is simply fantastic.

In multiplayer matches with “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, we were able to locate our opponents flawlessly. But also the sound and the music come crisp and powerful to the ear. Together with the cordless freedom of movement and the high carrying comfort, the PX5 is our reference for the PlayStation 3.


Specifications of the Turtle Beach EarForce PX5:

• 50mm diameter speaker with neodymium magnets
• Digital Wireless RF Carrier Reception (2.404-2.476GHz)
• Bluetooth radio with dual pairing mode and A2DP compatibility
• Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz,> 120dB SPL @ 1kHz
• Digital signal processor for independently controlled chat, game and microphone signals
• USB port for programming the DSP via a Windows computer XP / Vista / 7
• Works on two (2) AA batteries or two (2) AA NiMH batteries
• Automatic shutdown after approximately 5 minutes carrier loss or silence to save battery power
• Battery boost boosts battery life up to 15 hours
• Weight: 7.9 oz (233g)

Digital RF Wireless Transmitter

• Digital Wireless RF Wireless Carrier Reception (2.404-2.476GHz)
• Digital RF transmission up to 30 meters
• Stereo headphone output with volume control for external wired headphones
• Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
• Optical TOSLINK digital audio input compatible with 48 kHz digital audio stream
• Optical TOSLINK digital audio output pass-through from digital input stream.
* Input sensitivity to accept higher signals by lowering the volume.
• Dimensions: Height 8.875 in (22.5 cm), Width 4.375 in (11.1 cm), Depth 4.375 in (11.1 cm)
• Weight: 8.4 oz (240g)
• Power supply: 5V @ 180mA max

Improved tracking thanks to 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound

The built-in 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound technology gives the gaming headset a certain unique feature. In addition, voice chat and the sound of the game run on two different channels, which also brings some advantages with it. In our tests this worked very well, and the 7.1 sound gives the whole already a good atmosphere. There are, of course, even better performances with other headsets, but in its price class the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 is already a very good form.

Completely without cable – and with Bluetooth technology

Since the Ear Force PX5 is wireless, the wearing comfort is enormous. The fabric used is comfortable on the head, so you can play with the gaming headset easily for several hours. For very useful, we consider above all but the Bluetooth support. So you can easily connect almost all Bluetooth devices and thus use with the Ear Force PX5. Also these functions went perfectly in our tests from the hand.

Match each game perfectly

We find the most interesting settings for the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5. This allows you to set special presets for each game, thanks to which you can optimize the headset perfectly for every game sound. Thanks to these presets, you can highlight hard-to-hear sounds, improve the voice quality of other players, or create other effects. Also the support from Turtle Beach is very good, since you regularly the Preset files for new games for downloading offers.


Price:The costs Tritton Pro+ 5.1



With the Xbox 360 Headphones Ear Force PX5, Turtle Beach delivers a 7.1 wireless gaming headphones, which would like to score with good sound and extensive setting possibilities. We have the wireless headset once more detailed and tell you whether Turtle Beach has managed to deliver a competitive 7.1 Gaming headphones.


Kingston HyperX Cloud II


Price : $99.99

What is the Kingston HyperX Cloud II?

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II aims to offer everything the average player would want from a headset. It has great 53mm drivers, surround sound processing and a detachable microphone.  Kingston HyperX Cloud II works with all major gaming platforms, including PC / Mac, Mobile, PS4 and Xbox One (with an adapter).

HyperX Cloud II even has a few luxury touch, such as interchangeable leatherette ear cushions, an aircraft headphone adapter and a carrying case.

This is especially good when you consider how good the sound quality is, how well the different components are designed, and how convenient it is to use for longer gadgets. Sure, you do not get any wireless connectivity or active noise, but these features are usually only on headsets at twice or even three times this price.

Xbox 360 Headphones Design

Gaming headphones sometimes tend to be quite colorful, often covered in flashing lights, bright colors and the tentative logos. On the outside, the brushed metal finish feels good, the black color scheme is muted, and the logos are relatively subtle. It’s not as fashionable as a dedicated pair of portable headphones, but it’s not something you feel too embarrassed to wear on the street.


Processing and wearing comfort

Memory foam provides the perfect fit to the individual head-to-head, eliminating the need for distracting pressure during wear. Even hour-long game sessions did not force the headset to its knees, but underlined its good processing quality. Due to the closed design of the headphone, ambient noise is well insulated, but the unpleasant feeling of sweating ears is encouraged.

USB sound card

The sound card also acts as a remote control, which can be used to adjust the volume of the headphones and the sensitivity of the microphone with pressure switches. The microphone can be conveniently muted by means of a side-mounted slide control. The controller offers an optimum resistance, which prevents the microphone from being turned on or off unintentionally. The virtual 7.1 room sound can be activated by means of a centered additional button.


Sound test

The HyperX Cloud II provides an all-round, balanced playback experience with clear mids, high pitches, and a clean, well-defined bass for playing games and movies. Bombastic low-frequency basses with (over-emphasized) basses avoids the Cloud II, and that’s nothing bad. Only absolute bass-lovers the reproduction of the depths should be too weak.

The USB sound card filters out noise and light echoes for the most part from the recordings. Some of the callers nevertheless drew attention to a weak background noise, which is however acceptable and rather the connection to be assigned to the micro. Local audio recordings were always in the listening test without noise.


Price:The costs Kingston HyperX Cloud II




The Kingston HyperX Cloud II focuses on the important and digging everything else. If you want an affordable, high-quality gaming headset that works across a wide range of devices, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II should be at the top of your list.




Steel Series Siberia 800


Price : $214.99


The Steel Series Siberia 800 is probably the non-plus ultra when it comes to high-end sound when playing. But the unique and realistic Virtual Surround sound has its proud price.


The Xbox 360 Headphones Siberia 800 looks extremely modern and elegant without applying thickly. The auricles are round, smooth and shiny.

They are framed by a simple but futuristic gray-matte tone.

Steel Series Siberia 800

Here the best of the best comes into its own. The Steel Series Siberia 800 shines with a Dolby 7.1 Virtual Surround sound. This allows a particularly full and balanced sound experience. The Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic IIx provide the ultimate in sound.




With $214.99, the XBOX headphone must be clearly assigned to the top price segment. Here you have to decide whether the undoubtedly brilliant sound that is worth a lot of money.

Optics and processing quality

With its high-end gaming headset, Steel series decides for a simple but high-quality look. As with almost all headsets, the color black dominates. Steel series, like so many competitors, opts for a mix of matt and glossy plastic. This is practically the case because the parts which are mainly touched during the mounting are dull, so that the fingerprinting problem is limited.


The Steel series Siberia P800 weighs 318 grams and is thus at a normal level for a wireless gaming headset. Accordingly, the head and neck are not burdened too much in a longer gaming session.

Steel series relies on comparatively thick artificial leather cushions, which have a good padding. Due to the material selection, ambient noise is more shielded than, for example, in the case of upholstery with nylon covering – but the Siberia P800 does not turn out to be really soundproof.

Sound check

The results so far show that Steel series has looked at the Siberia P800 numerous details and thus created a headset that really adds value to numerous competitors. Ultimately, the high price can only be justified by a really first-class sound.


Price:The costs Steel series Siberia P800



Whether the Steel series Siberia P800 is really the best-sounding wireless gaming headset, can not be finally clarified, too individual are the requirements here.

The fact is that Steel series makes a lot of things right with his current high-end model. This begins with the untarnished but chic and high-quality look. The workmanship is high quality, but the material quality could be a little more luxurious, and there are some quite sharp edges. When it comes to carrying comfort, the Steel series Siberia P800 does not quite match the Razer Man O’War, especially the quite high tension does not appeal to everyone.


Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven



Price : $54.99

Turtle Beach’s recent partnership with Microsoft for its upcoming console is on the horizon, but November 22 is not quite yet. It is not surprising that the XP Seven is the official licensed headset of the MLG Pro Circuit, which offers excellent build quality and sound capabilities.

The black and white construction is both modest and practical, with soft synthetic leather earpieces and a rigid, leather-lined band, but it takes a couple of days to properly break the Xbox 360 Headphones and ease the standard clamping force.

The 50mm drivers help to produce clear, natural sounds with incredible depth that are capable of honing all aspects of the soundscape, and provides further customization through the bundled, programmable digital signal processor (DSP). Bass too low? Crank them on panties to piercing? Turn it off. Presetting is an absolute breeze once it is properly configured.

Design and Features

Main characteristics:

  • Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 Sound
  • Optical digital connection: delivers the highest quality digital surround sound.
  • Earphones with 50mm Neodymium magnet providing a sound of perfect quality.
  • Rotate headphones with memory foam for better sound insulation and comfort.
  • Voice Editor: Disguises the voice by changing the sound, ranging from deep bass to treble treble.
  • Sonic Lens: Expands and shrinks the sound field to allow you to focus on difficult-to-hear sound clues, such as enemy footsteps.
  • Ear Guard with explosion limiter: limits the intensity of deafening sounds such as explosions and shots.
  • Dynamic Chat Boost: The volume of the chat channel automatically increases as the volume increases.
  • Interchangeable speaker plates, to customize the headphones


The Ear Force XP Seven is connected via an optical cable that connects the case to your console. This is powered by a second cable that runs from the box to one of the USB ports on your console. The sound is conveyed from the case to the headphones via a standard 3.5 mm jack. The sound passes in the form of a PCM in 5.1.

It also has a jack and it is thus possible to connect it to a smartphone or a portable console like PS Vita or 3DS. The remote, though impressive, will be the hub of your Ear Force XP Seven. In particular, it allows you to control the microphone, distort your own voice and pre-set several listening modes that will be accessible directly by pressing the appropriate button.




Side comfort, I was rather surprised during the first test. Indeed, the hoop of the helmet is rather tight. But after several uses, this one relaxed increasing the comfort of the wearing of the helmet. Otherwise I did not feel any gene or fatigue due to prolonged use of the helmet.

The remote control can be cumbersome if you do not have a lot of room around either. Note that it has a belt clip if you want to stroll with it.


Xbox 360 Headphones Audio

Personally, I only used it on PS3 playing Fifa 13, Metro Last Light and the demo of The Last of Us. As much to say, it is on The Last of Us that I took the most foot. Indeed, the helmet gives all its power in this game where the least noise is transcribed with fidelity.

Be it an enemy that comes in the back, a trap explodes, a wall that collapses, the sound is clear, clear and is correctly spatialized (that is to say that one has the impression that a sound comes from a specific direction). Of course this headset simulates 5.1 Dolby Surround for both games and movies if a compatible soundtrack is present.

Price:The costs Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven




We cannot be wrong when we buy the Ear Force XP Seven from Turtle Beach. Good finish, good sound quality, this gamer headset does the job with flying colors. Nevertheless I think that it is addressed only to a public of real gamers who will know how to take advantage and appreciate its finesse. For others, other models at a more reasonable price are also available at Turtle Beach without sacrificing the sound quality.



Razer Carcharias


Price : $58.00

Just because a gaming headset is bulky and cheap, it does not mean that it can not light up with a light construction and a comfortable aesthetic. Razer has done more than just in the pro-gaming industry by flattering a variety of stellar computer mice and keyboards in the process, and the Razer Carcharias is a prime example of the company’s outing.

The sleek, all-black headset sports a foam-fed headband and auricles, along with a unidirectional able to bend a full 270 degrees, and touts a long cable measurement that measures just shy of 10 feet.

Like many headsets on our list, the Kraken Pro offers in-line controls for adjusting volume and muting audio, but it does not try to create the robust virtual surround sound like the XP Seven or Tritton Warhead.



Despite the unusual name Carcharias (a shark type) Razer with its newest Xbox 360 Headphones no extraordinary ways. On the contrary: the 80 $ expensive Carcharias is a stereo headset with flexible microphone boom and a cable remote control. But the comfort is exceptionally high – thanks to the soft and round shells and the padded headband, the relatively light Carcharias is very comfortable.



Features & finish: Comfortable and sturdy

The closed headset encloses completely the ears of the wearer due to the construction and shields thus also quite effectively disturbing outside noise. The headband is padded with soft foam, just like the apexes. And because the two earphones can be adjusted in height, the Carcharias is comfortable to wear and also adapts easily to larger heads.

Also the relatively small weight. The microphone is firmly mounted on the left, but can also be swiveled up when not in use. The microphone arm itself is flexible thanks to a joint, if not too much. An integrated noise suppression is intended to provide clear communication, but the microphone does not have a fluffy windshield.


Practice Check

There is nothing to complain about the quality of the voice transmission, our opposite understands us even with background noise flawlessly. However, it is obvious to us that even a light wind, such as is produced during exhalation, is directly audible.

The sound itself makes a lot of pressure with strong bass, but the heights are somewhat over-emphasized – but this is also due to the design of the headset. In team chat in the middle of the battle, however, this can be an advantage. The music about the Carcharias also sounds very neat, though quite bass-heavy.


Plug and Play Setup

The simple plug-and-play setup and the resulting audio via the two 40 mm stereo drivers provide for the missing features and provide excellent bass reproduction and matching chat quality. The high-end sounds a little muted and the microphone can be in a reasonable amount of outside noise, but not enough that you swayed when gaming is your main call for the headset.

It is not the hearty feature set that expresses the Razer Carcharias, but the general lack of it. The sound is exceptional in price, and the exterior design remains comfortable during extended play sessions where others are short. If the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 is not appealing, then Krak’s budget offer can be the next best.


Price:The costs Razer Carcharias



The Razer Carcharias is a fairly simple knitted headphone stereo sound, microphone and puristic remote control. No gadgets like USB audio chips, room sound or wireless transmission. This does not make it any worse, because the gamer can focus so fully on his game.

The workmanship can be seen, just like the powerful bass. All in all, the sound quality is completely in order to the overpriced heights. However, the player has to reach deep into the pocket, because Razer requires around 80 $ (non-committal price) for the Carcharias. Similar headsets are already available for less money.


Over All Xbox 360 Headphones Conclusion

These are, in our opinion, the best Xbox 360 headsets currently available. Of course, there are even better headsets, but the gaming headsets mentioned in this article are particularly well suited for use on the Xbox 360. Have you already experience with these or other headsets on the Xbox 360? Let us know in the comments!



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