Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black Review

Xbox 360 Glossy Black Wireless Controller - Friendly design

Xbox 360 Glossy Black Wireless Controller - Friendly design

Image Quality

9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life
  • Uses wireless technology
  • Great new look with gloss accents


  • It may be in efficient at times.

we compare the Xbox One Game pad in detail with the very similar Xbox 360 Glossy Black controller and highlight the small but subtle differences.


Xbox 360 Glossy Black

Xbox 360 Glossy Black




The most popular controller for the PC has been the  Xbox 360 Glossy Black game pad, which is also from Microsoft, for many years, which is faithful to many PC gamers. With the 45-$-expensive Xbox One Controller, Microsoft now wants to replace the proven 360 game pad (30 $, cordless: 40 $) and also bring PC players the revised, already introduced for over a year with the Xbox One introduced game pad. If you already have a controller with the Xbox One purchased, this can now also be used on the PC since the corresponding driver (installed automatically by Windows Update when plugged in). 


While the Xbox One game pad is roughly the same thing as the old one, and gamers who have already used the 360 controllers will feel right at home with the Xbox One controller – but ultimately it is the little details that make the new Xbox game pad better does. How the new Microsoft game pad in the Spine test beats and what has changed in comparison to its predecessor.




As with the predecessor, the action buttons are very precise and precise, the “View” and “Menu” (formerly “Back” and “Start”) buttons as well as the Xbox button have a higher feel compared to the 360-game pad pressure point. We are particularly pleased with the digital control of the Xbox One controller: Unlike the predecessor’s very spongy D-Pad, which was particularly inaccurate in the case of beating games (or even in menus), the control buttons of the One controller have much more Precision and release with haptic feedback. 


The upper shoulder buttons as well as the triggers are more ergonomic in shape than the 360 controllers, so the change between them is more intuitive and there is virtually no danger of slipping. In addition, the Shoulder button LB and RB now have a noticeable pressure point and, in combination with a perceptible click sound, give more feedback than the 360 pads. However, the resistance that has to be overcome to push the shoulder buttons is a bit too big, for our taste they should be slightly more easily. On the other hand, Microsoft has hit the very smooth run of the analog triggers, which also trigger much more softly than it was before the predecessor. 




Price:The costs Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black $ with the 10% off coupon code:10 PRIME NOW(coupon only for 1st order).




One of the reasons for the success of the Xbox 360 Glossy Black controller was its high precision – in this case, Microsoft has already expanded the strengths of the last generation and at the same time solved the weaknesses (such as the imprecise D-Pad). 


The two (in contrast to the Play station layout) offset analogue sticks are slightly more easily accessible than the predecessor and fall altogether smaller. In practice, however, these changes are very positive: the lower resistance allows faster movements, but at the same time is high enough to allow comfortable and precise control. The surface of the sticks is much smoother in the interior, but has a rough texture in the outside, which conveys a very pleasant handling with more grip. The button function when pushing down the sticks is also available, but the pressure point and stroke are not noticeably different from the sticks at the 360 pads. 





The most technically new innovation on the Xbox One Controller in the test are the lower trigger buttons, now called “Impulse Trigger,” which have been given additional force feedback motors at the One Controller. These are the result of direct, variable vibration transmission on the fingertips for more feedback during play – on the Xbox One, for example, when the tires rotate at Forza Horizon 2. 


It’s a pity that none of the games we tested support the Impulse-Trigger function on the PC, although this is the case on the Xbox One (albeit often only rudimentarily). The reason for the (at least so far) lack of support on the PC is probably that the PC driver of the Xbox One Controller allows the game to recognize an Xbox 360 controller if the One Controller is not explicitly supported by the title. 


This has the advantage that you can use the new Xbox 360 Glossy Black game pad with almost every current and also older game. On the other hand, the possibilities of the Impulse triggers in the Xbox One Controller for the PC (which is technically identical to the console version is) broke. It is therefore on the part of the game developers, the Xbox One Controller in future also fully supported on the PC – currently functions only the 360-pad familiar Rumble function. 




Price:The costs Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black $ with the 10% off coupon code:10 PRIME NOW(coupon only for 1st order).


Product features

  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range
  • Use up to four controllers at the same time on one console
  • Integrated headset port for Xbox LIVE playback
  • Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life
  • New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for easy operation
  • Great new look with matt black finish and glossy accents
  • Use the Xbox 360 Guide button to track your friends, access your games and media, or turn the Xbox 360 console on and off






Connection to PC 


The connection to the PC is via the 2.74-meter-long USB cable, which can also be disconnected from the controller. So far, at least, a wireless connection to the computer is not yet possible, but it is likely that Microsoft (as with the 360-Pad) will be a PC receiver. 


The battery compartment (2x AA) on the back of the gamepad is now completely integrated into the case – the protruding compartment of the 360 controllers (at least in the wireless variant for console or in combination with the wireless receiver on the PC) is a thing of the past at. The use via USB cable on the PC does not require batteries anyway. 


On the bottom of the controller, you will also find a port for the associated headsets, but this is only useful if you want to use the controller on the Xbox One, but the audio port does not work on the PC. 



Price:The costs Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black $ with the 10% off coupon code:10 PRIME NOW(coupon only for 1st order).





If you already have an Xbox 360 Glossy Black controller in your hands, feel the Xbox One Gamepad immediately at home. Although the new Xbox controller is a little smaller overall, but still is just as good in the hand as its predecessor. All keys can be reached optimally and without encroaching. 


The joystick, which was still highlighted on the 360-game pad, has been added to the Xbox One controller, which makes it much more comfortable to use the special buttons such as the View and the Xbox button. 


Overall, the handling of the One-Game pad due to its nearly identical shape naturally reminds very strongly of the Xbox 360 controller – due to the smaller changes in the shape of the case, the sticks and the ergonomic shoulder buttons, the new Xbox game pad is still a bit more pleasant in the hand and is even better for hours of long sessions. 





In terms of processing, the Xbox One Controller also makes an even better figure than its predecessor. The housing is made of matt plastic, the back side feels somewhat rough. The area with the shunt buttons as well as the (metallic shiny, in the activated state shining white) Xbox button, is made of shiny plastic and slightly compared to the rest of the case. Compared to its predecessor, the controller feels somewhat smoother overall, but it does not appear slippery. 


The action buttons are practically identical to the predecessor and just as precise and stable. Meanwhile, however, they are transparent on a black background and let the letters X, Y as well as A and B appear in a 3D effect. In general, all the buttons compared to the Xbox 360 Glossy Black controller are more solid and valuable due to the good pressure points, there is also nothing to complain about on the analog sticks. 


The controller case is stable and can neither bend, nor how the 360-Game pad at the force effect on the sides to the creaking. In addition, the Xbox One Controller is resistant to minor scratches and the matte surface (unlike the upper range in piano lacquer optics) does not show any visible fingerprints. 



Price:The costs Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black $ with the 10% off coupon code:10 PRIME NOW(coupon only for 1st order).



Particularly pleasing is the new Xbox 360 Glossy Black D-Pad, which compared to the Xbox 360 Game pad delivers significantly more haptic feedback and feels much more precise. The smaller but noticeably more gripping analogue sticks provide even more control than before, and the ergonomic shoulder straps are also better: the triggering is much quieter and smoother – overall, all buttons make an even higher quality impression. More features like a display, profiles and more assignable keys can be found at the Razer Saber tooth, which has a much lower price-performance ratio of around 75 $. 


Especially after multi platform titles both technically as well as with regard to the control are still far too often more badly than right for the PC to be optimized, it is worthwhile to have a controller ready. However, Microsoft should still deliver a wireless receiver (at a reasonable price) – but also the cable is the Xbox One Controller a clear purchase recommendation. At a tight budget, however, the Xbox 360 Glossy Black Gamepad is still a very good and comparatively low-priced PC controller. 



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