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Canon SX530 HS 9779B001 PowerShot

Canon SX530 HS 9779B001 PowerShot

Image Quality

8.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


  • Cheap
  • Giant Zoom
  • Good to hold
  • Solid resolution also in the higher ISO steps
  • For beginners and advanced


  • Very early noise
  • Strong vignetting

More is more: With this motto, Canon is sending its bridge camera Canon SX530 HS with 50x zoom at the start. How impressed by the big numbers really must be, read the test.

Bridge cameras are blender: They want to look like a more professional SLR camera, but usually have only the inner life of a vile compact camera. In addition, they lure buyers with partly insane fires of up to 1400 millimeters.


Canon SX530 HS review


The Canon SX530 HS belongs exactly to this category. With its 50-fold optical zoom, it covers a camera-equivalent focal length of 24 to 1200 millimeters. The light intensity of the lens is at average f / 3.4 to f / 6.5. Tiny is the sensor to which it directs the beams: 6 by 4.5 millimeters, 1 / 2.3 inch format. In some smartphones such as the Sony Xperia Z3 are already stuck in the same chip. Canon equipped it with a resolution of 16 megapixels – no record, for the size but already very much.

In the trade there are the compacts currently for about $279.00. That is not cheap. However, photographers cannot expect any highlights in the equipment. For example, the built-in display provides only a meager resolution of 461,000 pixels – 480 x 320 pixels. There is no searcher. Canon is equipping the bridge with WLAN and NFC.


Canon SX530 HS review

Product details: Canon SX530 HS 9779B001 PowerShot
by Canon
Product Price: $279.00



Mega zoom travel Canon SX530 HS camera with wide target group

Canon is in a hurry! The bridge camera Canon SX530 HS is not even half a year after the predecessor SX520 HS on the market. The focal range has changed. Meanwhile, the Canon SX530 HS is a successor, with the megapixel number screwed up somewhat.

Costs should the Canon SX530 HS in the recommended retail price $279.00. According to our initial assessment, this is a reasonable price for Canon SX530 HS camera.

Canon SX530 HS Housing

One way forward: Bridge cameras are quite chunks. With 442 grams and brick-like measurements of 12 x 8.2 x 9.2 cm, you definitely need a camera case when you are on the go with the Canon SX530 HS. However, the case also offers a very good handling and not least, much focal range.

The display offers with 3 inches the current standard size, with 460.000 but no top quality. With this size-resolution ratio one still sees individual pixels. Touchscreen or fold-out display? None.


Canon SX530 HS review

Operation: For all what

Here, many target groups become happy, both photographers who like it easy as well as advanced will be happy here. The bridge camera offers an intelligent automatic system for beginners and point-and-shoot photographers who can also find 32 presets. Advanced users can access the full program of manual exposure settings, i.e. time and aperture as well as semi-automatic.

The Canon SX530 HS camera does not offer many buttons, but thanks to a mode dial and a knurled wheel on the top, the manual exposure setting is probably decent.

In this combination of abilities, the Canon SX530 HS is a very good camera for the family: one has it easy, others can play.


Canon SX530 HS review

Canon Powershot SX530 Optics: much, much focal range

The Canon SX530 HS offers a very large 50x zoom over a focal range of 24 to 1200 mm. You do not need more, you promise! At the light intensity from f3,4 to f6,5, we are twisted. In the wide angle we would have wanted something more, in the maximum tele with at least 1200 mm is f6,5 but ok.

Have you ever peeked through binoculars? Have you also noticed that it is quite tricky to find a small object because you do not know whether you have to swing up, down, right or left? This is similar to a 50x zoom. The Canon SX530 HS has in this case a Zoom: After the zoom, one presses a button, the picture jumps back to the “overview”, one aims, releases the button again and has the re-zoomed motif in the sights.


Canon SX530 HS review


An image stabilizer is of course included with such focal lengths. The stabilizer of the Canon SX530 HS even offers a five-axis stabilization. Very good can also be the close focusing distance of 0 cm. So you can get everything in front of the lens in the close-up sharply in the photo.

Canon Powershot SX530 HS Image quality: standard sensor

With its 1 / 2.3 inch sensor and a resolution of 16 megapixels, the Canon SX530 HS is only average. Although the sensor belongs to the rear-illuminated models, which offer a somewhat enlarged pixel area (to recognize at the HS), but also that is by no means a prominent feature. The processor is not the latest model, but a Digic 4+.

The Canon SX530 HS camera unfortunately does not provide a RAW mode, which saves the photo data loss-free. For many advanced users, the bridge camera is therefore uninteresting.

Are we predicting the picture quality? Rather not. Sensors with comparable basic data could perform very well as well as poorly in the past. The predecessor has not yet been tested, and the predecessor model SX510 HS we do not want to take as a reference. We are looking forward to the first tests.

Powershot SX530 HS Features: Wi-Fi & Full HD

The Canon SX530 HS offers a Wi-Fi module with NFC for wireless data transmission. This can be used together with a smartphone also for the remote control of the Canon SX530 HS camera. The Canon bridge camera offers a full-HD video mode with a maximum of 30 fps and a stereo microphone. The recording is started with a separate key. A number of effect filters are also included.

The bridge camera is operated with a proprietary lithium-ion battery. According to the manufacturer, this creates between 210 and 290 releases. This is a rather average value.

Canon SX530 HS review

Powershot SX530 HS Handling


Canon SX530 HS reviewThe Canon SX530 HS camera is aimed at photographers who prefer the automatic camera, but they also bring some gimmicks. For example, in the “hybrid car” mode, it takes video clips that are still more than one-second in parallel. In the creative mode, she applies not only different effects to a motif, but also offers the photographer several cuts. Mandatory are scene modes for snow, portrait or fireworks as well as effects such as fisheye, miniature or color enhancement.

In addition, the camera also allows a more fine-tuning: Using a mode dial, users determine the exposure mode – after all: program, aperture and time control are on board as well as a manual mode. Depending on the selected setting, a further wheel on the top allows to control the aperture or exposure time, to influence effects or to set an exposure correction.

A pressure in the middle of the four-way rocker also leads to the respective changeable camera settings. Using this control element, photographers can also control ISO, flash, display settings and focus mode. If you want to manually focus, you get a focus magnifying glass, but you have to hear the correct distance over the four-way rocker. That one cannot freely define the section to be focused, comes as another shortcoming. Raw data is not recorded by the compact.

Since there are only the most necessary direct accesses, the Canon SX530 HS camera housing overall cleans up and clear. The camera is not really handy in the palm of your hand: Canon is shaping its Canon SX530 HS, but the plastic does not have any impact or a cast. The low weight of the compacts underlines this impression.

Canon SX530 HS review


Product details: Canon SX530 HS 9779B001 PowerShot
by Canon
Product Price: $279.00



Conclusion on the Canon SX530 HS

The Canon SX530 HS is a family-friendly Mega zoom. The camera has a lot of zoom and offers a wide range of operating possibilities. The price will probably drop in a few months. So if you are looking for a digital camera for the trip, then you should look at it again.




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